On to week 17! 

Une barbe = beard (yes, the beard is feminine. Une is feminine and un is masculin btw) 

Then how do you say stubble in french? You say, une barbe de trois jours. Which means, a beard of three days. Yeap, that’s how you say stubble in french. 



Michel Thomas - (13/15) 

French In Action - (15/52)

Assimil - (57/113) +13

Pimsleur - (30/90)

Books - (20) 


Today post is short cause I’m actually rushing off to NS now! In other news, I seem to be doing more assimil per week now. Hope to add 20 by next week!

Draw constantly, both to gain facility and as way of thinking about things. Drawing is like thought on paper.

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My side of the art trade with the insanely talented Reimena! Grimsley, from her webcomic which I highly recommend, is so much fun to draw so decided to post up the sketches I did too. 

Go check out her work! 


Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

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Box Presents: The Dam Keeper Project

Behind the scenes of the upcoming collaboration between Pixar artists

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The Art of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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This is NOT good. This movement is no good…he cannot run like this. Whoever drew this doesn’t understand it at all no matter how i tell it. How to move the muscles is the issue here. If this point were to be clearly understood, you’d see these angles of the thighs are so wrong. This reflects the creator’s personality well: Ready to get back (home) all the time…Whoever draws like this had better be dead, really. To think the amount of time a person spent making this, and the attitude towards life. That’s really what I hate the most!" - Hayao Miyazaki


I cannot imagine the shame I’d feel having one of the gods of animation literally shitting on my work while having to begrudgingly revise the entire scene in a well-known documentary. But I know the feeling dealing with revising scenes, even in storyboards. I wonder who’s work that was that he had to revise? Awesome to see Miyazaki-san in action though…. 


I love art - no.38

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, Spanish  (1863—1923).

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My first poster for Mondo goes on sale tomorrow at a random time.

Where the Wild Things Are
18”x24” screen print.
Hand numbered.
Edition of 250.
Printed by D&L Screenprinting.



Moon and Crow

James Zapata : CGhub | DeviantART | zapata.james@gmail.com

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why do people keep reminding me that Deviantart for Grownups died, why do you do this to me

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The Old Man and The Sea by Willie

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